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Well, I wish I could say there was an interesting story behind Offbeat Pillows - there isn’t.
The reason is simple - income. Specifically, during the winter.
You see, I’m self-employed as an interior house painter. And during the winter, work tends to slow way down. So, after this past winter, I decided to start an online store to help bring in some income during those winter months. Since I do interior painting, I chose to sell a home decor product.
And here we are.
After painting during the day, I spend a little time learning about the online/e-commerce world and creating pillow designs someone besides myself likes and would buy. It took a few years to build up a painting reputation where thankfully, most of my work comes from repeat clients and referrals. That took a few years, and I hope things move quicker with Offbeat Pillows.
With painting, people trust me in their homes and I've earned over 25 five star reviews. I'm hoping to transfer those skills that make me an above average painter - attention to detail, careful planning and prep work - to Offbeat Pillows. Having an online store may look easy from a customer perspective, but there is so much that happens behind the "page" that makes it all work.
I’m still learning what exactly the “Offbeat Pillows” style is. Ideally, I try to have a ‘story’ with each pillow. Or at least a design that makes you laugh, feel good, calm - something more than just going with the furniture.
The usual pillow patterns are okay - I would call them safe and will most likely design some - but, there’s so much more that can be done. Why not have a pillow or two, or three or four - that goes with your personality, as much as your home?
Just because your offbeat, doesn’t mean you’re out of tune.


Ryan Naylor